About Studni

The Faroese Student Grant Fund is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture. Its primary goal is to provide student grants and loans to Danish nationals and permanent residents in the Faroe Islands who study in the Faroes and abroad. 

In order to qualify for student grants or loans from the fund, applicants must be full-time students and must be: 

  1. Danish citizens who live in the Faroe Islands, or 
  2. Citizens of another country who legally reside in the Faroes and do not receive grants from their home country and have a) become a legal resident in the Faroes, together with their parents, before they have turned 20 years old, b) become legal residents in the Faroes after they have turned 20 years old and have lived in the Faroes for at least two years continually before commencing their studies, or c) are legal residents in the Faroes and have been married to a Danish citizen for at least two years. 

Grants for students studying abroad are granted upon application to full-time students who meet the above requirements and have lived in the Faroes for at least two of the last three years before commencing their studies or have lived at least half of their life-time in the Faroes before commencing their studies. 

For further information, please contact + 298 204060 or send an email to studni@studni.fo

International students who want to take a semester or study on Fróðskaparsetur Føroya (University of the Faroe Islands) contact the international office at the university on ask@setur.fo.